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Kansas City's Cavanaugh signs with Joy SLP

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Saint Louis Park, MN - The University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) sophomore and WAC All-Freshmen team selection, Aiden Cavanaugh, is our next goat to sign with Joy SLP. "Aiden is one of the most exciting young players in the country," said Ted Kroeten, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Joy of the People. "He has a unique blend of creativity, determination, and abilities that are new and exciting.

"His dribble, pass, and dispossession techniques do not look like anything you have seen before. This makes him difficult to defend and allows him to make plays out of nothing. We are super excited to have Aiden join us," said Kroeten.

In addition to being selected for the All WAC freshman team, Aiden was a member of Joy of the People U19 National Futsal Champions, and a member of the US National Futsal team where he traveled for friendlies in Croatia in preparation for Futsal World Cup qualification. Aiden has been part of Joy of the People since its earliest days.

"Aiden is a very good example of allowing kids room and time to build their own skills, to their strengths, in ways they wish. He is so unpredictable, so very fun to watch," said Kroeten.

In addition to Cavanaugh, Joy SLP has recently announced the signing of local homegrown players to the NPSL roster that includes, Eric Lagos, Emmanuel Iwe, Marco Corona-Duran, Bennett Koume, Noah Kantorowiz, and Mika Folstad.

Kroeten has selected well-known local coach, Arinze ‘Ace’ Ezirike, to coach the NPSL expansion team during its inaugural season with Lioul Minas acting as the assistant coach.

Joy Athletic is the umbrella organization for both the NPSL soccer team and the NFSL futsal team, and its mission is to place beauty over winning. The vision is to provide a venue for some of the talent developed in the free play youth system at Joy of the People soccer club and change the way people think about talent development.

Andrei Gotsmanov, General Manager of Joy of the People, will help manage the day-to-day operations of Joy Athletic, bringing to the players and coaching staff his unique perspective as a former MN United player and NCAA standout at St. Johns University and Creighton University.

The NPSL season is scheduled to start in May 2021 and finishes with playoffs in the middle of August 2021. Joy SLP home games will be played at the Oriole Stadium at Saint Louis Park High School.

For more information on Joy SPL visit: For more information on Joy of the People, the parent organization, please visit:

Contact: Andrei Gotsmanov, General Manager @ or 651-214-7017.

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