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Introducing Joy Athletic

Joy Athletic Club

Beauty comes first...what matters is joy

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local club based in St. Louis Park MN dedicated to provide local players looking for a competive pathway.




WPSL (Women)

We beleieve soccer should be fuin, exciting and entertaining. 

We showcase local kids who grew up locally

We play them--

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Sócrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira

"Beauty comes first. Victory is secondary, what matters is Joy."

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Moonshot announcement, JOY Athletic becomes the first dual futsal/soccer club

Must See: Incredible Minnesota Goats Highlight

Dec 3, 2020

JOTP shoots for the moon with the announcing of NPSL(Soccer) and NFPL (Futsal) teams creating one of the most comprehensive and innovative  development program in the country.

Dec 3, 2020

The Nickname of Joy  Athletic is the GOATS, the young goats are called KIDS, the supporters are called LOAFERS (Goats live in a loafing shed)

About the Logo

Why 'the Goats'

Dec 3, 2020

We are not just outside the box, we are outside the goal.  In order to better understand what is going on the goat needs a good view.

Dec 3, 2020

They're cute, they don't like to be alone, and the acronym of goat represents our dedication to the dreams of a ten year old with a ball under his arm.

The first Goat is a kid

Goat moto

Dec 3, 2020

Joy Athletic is proud to announce the signing of their first player, Bennett Kouame, an attacking midfielder who has been at  JOTP since age 8, last year as a JR he was first team all state.  Bennett was a member of the last 2 JOTP Futsal teams including the National champion team in 2019.

Dec 3, 2020

"When you start thinking you hurt the ball club". --Jack Kroeten

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3221 Dakota so


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